Personalized Medicine


Imagine two patients diagnosed with the same cancer, same location and same size. Although both will be given the same treatment one will responded while the other will show disease progression. Why?
Because each patient is different, and each tumor is different!

Molecular tumor profiling is the most profound breakthrough in the field of cancer diagnosis of the decade. Unlike Imagining technologies (Rontgen, MRI, CT) which examine the tumor as a distinct mass of cells - as a black box if you will, and pathology stainings, which examine a whole layer of tissue taken from the tumor, molecular profiling goes one step further, into the depths of the cell, in search of the small molecules which are responsible for the cancerous process – namely – genes and proteins.

Our main focus is Personalized Medicine, which is based on eliciting the unique molecular characteristics of the tumor in order to tailor the optimal treatment for each individual patient.

Molecular Profiling is aimed to detect the malfunction genes and proteins behind the unique cancerous process in each patient. These malfunctions can serve as weak spots that can be targeted using innovative treatments. Furthermore, when certain weak spots are absent from the tumor we can rule out treatments which the patient would most likely be resistant to.

Thus, by using Molecular Profiling we can predict, for each individual patient, which treatments would best suite the patient and avoid unnecessary, inefficient treatments.